Reduce product shelf life, lead times, and inventory holding costs while improving channel management

Capture: Create and price new or return orders, enforce rules when revising or cancelling, and import orders from other channels

Promise: Identify best source of supply. Look into global inventory as well as planned availability to pick the most profitable option

Orchestrate: Manage fulfillment processes across partners and systems. Proactively monitor and resolve exceptions

Deliver: Provide tasking, location, route, shipment, and store distribution management with clear business intelligence dashboard for constant insight



Our expertise in both process and technology will deliver an efficient, innovative, and connected solution delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience

  • Success with multi-channel marketplaces offering a single solution satisfying multiple and varying connectivity requirements
  • Long experience with Distributed Order Orchestration to streamline and automate your multiple fulfillment methods and order transformation needs
  • Expert staff with average experience exceeding 10 years; giving us real-world experience across a wide range of scenarios
  • Attained Cloud Excellence Implementer accreditation from Oracle globally; showing our expertise is not limited to just one region, but is global


Oracle Applications

Order ManagementHelps organizations orchestrate the Order-to-Cash process, and manage orders from all their channels to get a single view of the customer

ConfiguratorA powerful guided selling and configuration application that enables flexible modeling of configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services

Global Order PromisingHelps meet customer expectations by promising delivery based on actual supply across all sources including inventory, production capacity, and purchases from suppliers

Customer Data ManagementHelps organizations establish a scalable and trusted solution to consolidate account and contact data and ensure a best-version customer profile

Warehouse ManagementThe industry leader in cloud-based inventory & warehouse management system. Combining the speed and savings of the cloud with best warehouse management and fulfillment capabilities

Trade Compliance: Enabling companies to manage security, legal, regulatory, and corporate compliance on all their cross-border transactions

Transportation Management: Providing a single platform for companies to manage all transportation activity throughout their supply chains

Product HubDrive superior omni-channel commerce, accelerate product introduction, streamline trading partner collaboration, and ensure compliance within any IT environment

Inventory Management: A complete materials management solution aiding companies to successfully manage flow of goods: inbound and outbound

Global Trade Management: A unique global compliance solution supporting companies of all sizes and in all geographies to centrally manage their global trade operations