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Integrated Supply Chain

Inspirage has long been a proponent of the advantages of building a fully integrated supply chain. Now, with Release 13 of Supply Chain Management and ERP Cloud solutions, Oracle offers a fully integrated platform on which to build out that vision. Inspirage can help deploy these and other ERP and SCM solutions in 90 Days or less through our Rapid Value 90 Program.

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Below are some of our top new resources pertaining to R13 that we believe can help make your vision of having an integrated supply chain a reality:


There are so many cool new features in Oracle SCM Cloud with this new release, we’re decided to put together a series of infographics that will give you an overview of what’s new. Start with our “overview” infographic and then delve deeper into each individual module.

OVERVIEW: Top 7 Cool New Features in Oracle R13 SCM Cloud

Learn more about S&OP Cloud, Demand Planning Cloud, Supply Planning Cloud, Quality Management Cloud and more in this overview of top 7 cool new features in Oracle R13.

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Top 6 Cool New Features in Oracle R13 Sales and Operations Planning Cloud

Oracle SOP Cloud InfographicInspirage has long been working with our clients to implement Sales & Operations Planning solutions in their organizations. With the release of R13, Oracle now provides a complete sales and operations planning (S&OP) solution in the cloud that helps companies align around an integrated operating plan to meet their strategic business goals.

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Top 8 Cool New Features in Oracle R13 Supply and Demand Planning

Oracle SOP Cloud InfographicOracle R13 Cloud Supply and Demand Planning enhances the basic functionality of Planning Central giving it many of the capabilities of on-prem Planning. Inspirage is the premier implementer of Oracle Value Chain on-prem and Cloud Applications.

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Top 6 Cool New Features in Oracle R13 Maintenance and Installed Base Cloud

Oracle Maintenance Cloud Infographic

An integrated asset management system is fundamental for organizations that are heavily dependent upon physical assets in the manufacture or delivery of their products. Inspirage has deep knowledge in managing assets both within the four walls of your facility and in your installed base.

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Top 6 Cool New Features in Oracle R13 IoT

Inspirage has long been a proponent of the advantages of building a fully integrated supply chain. The Oracle IoT solution helps enable devices to send data the cloud so you can analyze the data and integrate it with your existing enterprise applications and processes. Supply Chain leaders should look at the Fleet Management and Asset Management modules as they look to digitize their supply chains.

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Top 6 Cool New Features in Oracle R13 Quality Management Cloud for PLM

Quality Management Cloud

Oracle Quality Management Cloud delivers a unified platform for enabling quality visibility, collaboration, and execution through quality control techniques and closed-loop quality management. Inspirage is a leading implementer of Oracle PLM and Quality applications.

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Top 7 Cool New Features in Oracle R13 PLM

PLM Infographic

Inspirage has been a leader in consulting and implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business processes and Oracle PLM applications. R13 PLM Cloud introduces new features in Product Hub (PH), Quality, Product Development (PD) and Innovation Management (IM).

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Transforming Your Supply Chain into the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Integrated Supply Chain WebinarListen in as we unveil the results of Inspirage’s brand-new market research study where we asked nearly 200 supply chain leaders what their supply chain priorities are focused on and how far they’ve come to reach those goals. Learn more about these top priorities which include the importance of integration, sustainability and a focus on digital and find out how Oracle’s new R13 applications can help companies make major progress against all these goals – by building a fully integrated supply chain.

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Building an Integrated Logistics Solution with Oracle R13

Integrated Logistics WebinarLearn how and why you need to build a truly seamless and integrated logistics solution that not only exceeds customers on-time delivery expectations but also reduces your direct costs as well as your overall carbon footprint. While that’s certainly a tall order, with the right processes and technology, it is, in fact, achievable. Discover how Oracle’s latest Logistics Management solutions – Oracle Order Management Cloud, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, and Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud – can help you turn your logistics operations into a competitive advantage.

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World Class Sales & Operations Planning in the Cloud with R13

Listen as Inspirage and Oracle share how you can building a World Class Sales & Operations Planning in the Cloud with R13. During this call, you will learn about aligning around an integrated operating plan to meet strategic business goals. Inspirage will discuss how to use S&OP to balance and align supply and demand to reduce inefficiencies and synchronize the many different departments and teams that make up a company. Then Oracle will share new S&OP features that will be available in R13 of the SCM Cloud Suite of products.

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Transforming Business with Internet of Things

IoT webinarInspirage will discuss how you can leverage IoT technologies and adapt to the changing economic landscape. Does your company know how to harness its power through Oracle IoT Applications? Inspirage can help to leverage these solutions and get smart with predictive, machine learning algorithms and quickly extend core SCM and ERP processes—with real-time IoT data and insights.

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Blog Articles

The Future of Integrated Supply Chains

Businesses run on complex supply chains. If any link in the chain experiences sudden changes, it can throw off progress and create downtime. In turn, these periods can result in missed revenue opportunities and negatively impact the consumer experience. Any broken links in the supply chain would be a recipe for disaster, which is why organizations actively look to improve their processes and take back control. Management approaches have evolved to take current user and consumer needs into account and ensure that businesses can effectively fulfill obligations. Let’s take a closer look at the future of integrated supply chains and how they will support company endeavors.

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Oracle shines as leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Oracle Magic QuadrantResearch firm Gartner releases its series of Magic Quadrant annual reports ranking companies related to specific technology industries. Organizations are rated on completeness of vision and ability to execute, resources to sustain continued growth, innovative product delivery and/or narrow focus on specific market segments. Oracle was named a leader in Gartner’s 2017 “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises” report. Oracle ERP Cloud, in particular, was positioned highest for completeness of vision and ability to execute out of 11 evaluated products.

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A closer look at Oracle R13

Oracle R13 Overview

For software developers, relevance is largely dictated by the quality of updates combined with how these new additions tackle pain points in the current system. Oracle is making a big push into the cloud environment by updating its programs and adding significant functionality. Oracle Release 13 will serve to enhance its capabilities in a number of different industries, with notable contributions to its supply chain management features. Let’s take a closer look at Oracle R13 and what it means for businesses.

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Functionality introduced in Oracle R13 Sales and Operations Planning Cloud

Company operations can be difficult to manage without the right tools, particularly because progress often requires a well-functioning supply chain. Oracle R13’s updates brought enhanced capabilities to its cloud applications, with the biggest changes made in the realm of supply chain management as well as sales and operations planning. Organizations can use these tools to support their goals and improve overall productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the key functionality that were introduced in Oracle R13 Sales and Operations Planning Cloud:

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Demand and supply planning capabilities of Oracle R13 

For any business or manufacturing shop, predicting the fluctuations in demand and ensuring you have enough supply to meet these needs is a tricky feat. Oracle’s host of cloud apps and features have been updated to bring more functionality to organizations. The release of Oracle R13 debuted a significant facelift for supply chain cloud and associated solutions like demand and supply planning. Let’s take a closer look at the advancements that Oracle R13 brought to its demand and supply planning capabilities:

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Best additions to Oracle R13 Maintenance Cloud

Oracle’s continued investment into the cloud space is a considerable asset to businesses, and the R13 updates show promise for advancing capabilities. The release’s most impactful additions were made in favor of manufacturing and supply chain processes, improving operations within these functional areas and ensuring product quality and delivery standards are upheld. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest and best new additions that Oracle R13 imparted to its Maintenance and Installed Base Cloud:

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New features to know about in Oracle R13 PLM

Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud (PLM) platform supports data-driven product value chains, with numerous features for capturing ideas, controlling the product record and enforcing governance policies. The recent release of R13 PLM introduces some important new capabilities. Let’s look at a few of them:

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