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Cloud computing is more important than ever in many different industries. The cloud is becoming the go-to choice for many organizations for data storage, project analysis and team collaboration, and enterprise services strive to facilitate these aspects.

Supply chain and logistics management are no different. Cloud-based tools that help facilitate these functions – like Oracle cloud services – are not only more flexible than on-premises products, but they offer the scalability necessary to accommodate expanding infrastructure should businesses undergo growth.

Inspirage’s 2016 survey of supply chain leaders and executives found that cloud computing and the supply chain have a promising future together, as well as other areas of business management. Human capital management, transportation, procurement, and project and portfolio management are all areas in which the cloud is being utilized to meet challenges involving transparency and oversight.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not you’re going to deploy cloud solutions, as now it’s a matter of when. Hybrid IT environments, which utilize a combination of on-premises tools and cloud infrastructure, are becoming the norm. This gives organizations the freedom to determine which solutions are best for their needs.

Inspirage Cloud ServicesAs an Oracle Platinum Partner, Inspirage is a global leader in the delivery and support of cloud-based supply chain and logistics management solutions. Our cloud products cover a wide range of supply chain application implementation capabilities, including customer experience, supply chain, financials and other supporting modules.

Inspirage’s cloud-based tools and services are highly ranked in the global marketplace. In 2015, we worked in over 40 countries around the world, helping companies to strengthen their supply chains through the use of Oracle products and our expertise. We’ve been ranked among the top firms for both Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics Optimization, which means we know how to handle your company’s specific issues when it comes to deploying cloud products throughout your business. For more information about how Inspirage works with the Oracle product team, download the cloud services datasheet.

“It’s really not a question of if your business will move to the Cloud, but rather when. Companies need to know where they stand against their competition.” – Mo Khurana, Vice President, Global Management Consulting, Inspirage

Why should you be considering a move to the cloud?
Reason #1. Cost containment & reduction.
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Features and Benefits

Our 2016 survey showed that there are a few key drivers for cloud adoption among supply chain organizations. Reduced costs (68 percent) and easier maintenance and support (51 percent) were among the top reasons companies have turned to cloud-based solutions for their supply chain needs.

Conversely, hesitance still remains as far as cloud adoption is concerned, and the number one reason companies are still tiptoeing into the cloud is security. Twenty-seven percent of survey respondents cited security or privacy risks, with integration with current systems or applications coming in at a close second of 25 percent.

At Inspirage, we can help with the integration issue – in fact, our Oracle cloud services are dedicated to making sure your solutions are working well with every other part of your IT strategy. That way, you can make sure your supply chain is running the way it should – bringing value to your business and ensuring scalability in the long term.

Here are a few ways Inspirage can help your organization deploy and manage your Oracle cloud solutions:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Process Design
  • Application Managed Services
  • Technical Architecture

By leveraging these key services, Inspirage helps customers achieve operational excellence – from the time they first purchase their Oracle cloud solutions and beyond. By creating, testing and deploying a successful cloud solution, companies in every vertical can use their supply chain data to create value and differentiate themselves from the pack.

To learn more about how Inspirage experts can help you integrate Oracle cloud solutions with your existing business processes, call us today.

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Inspirage Cloud Services and Solutions

With our services and solutions, Inspirage will help you transition your current strategy to the cloud and utilize your Oracle cloud solutions to their utmost ability. Cloud-based enterprise resource planning solutions require care during implementation, and having a partner that understands the complexities of your deployments is paramount.
Inspirage Cloud Center of Excellence

The Inspirage Cloud Center of Excellence is at the heart of our cloud services. This is where our teams use a key combination of industry expertise and cloud-based tools to find the right solution for your organization. With our center of excellence, we create templates, solutions and programs that will assist our customers with their cloud solutions.

In order to better develop our customers’ potential in the cloud, we have configured industry processes in our sandbox SCM environment, which allows organizations to safely learn how using the cloud can directly impact their supply chain overall. When you partner with Inspirage, we can leverage our years of knowledge to create a deployment and management strategy that will work for you.


Our service offerings fall under three separate umbrellas: strategy, implementation and support.


Cloud Advisory Services
Private cloud? Public cloud? Hybrid IT? Inspirage can not only make it easier for you to differentiate between the different kinds of cloud deployments, our experts can also help you determine when and how to implement cloud-based solutions into your supply chain strategy as well. With our high level of expertise, we can advise you on what to move to the cloud and what to keep in on-premises environments, ensuring your data and applications are secure and as effective as possible.


Rapid Value Implementation Methodology
There are different ways of getting to the cloud, and not all of them will work for every business. Varying industries require different strategies. For instance, manufacturing companies tend to consider phased implementation strategies instead of putting the entire ERP module in the cloud in one move.

Our Rapid Value Implementation Methodology is designed to help organizations deploy and utilize their Oracle cloud solutions in an accelerated timeline. Using this methodology, we assist organizations in varying ways, including the following:

  • Planning how they’re going to use their Oracle cloud solutions.
  • Analyzing the current technology portfolio.
  • Designing data migration strategies.
  • Configure data migration scripts and modules, and then test those scripts.
  • Deploy cloud solution with full Inspirage support.

By following these steps, we help organizations implement their cloud solutions with the strategy they need.

Enterprise Integration and Fusion Development Services
Once your cloud solutions are deployed, it’s important to keep them up to date so that they continue to bring value to your organization. Across ERP modules, customers can expect to see software patches every few months. Because it’s critical to schedule patches within the first few weeks of deployment, we quickly notify customers of these current patches and new product releases.

In order to develop and deliver the custom extensions and integrations required to create a successful cloud environment, Inspirage uses a few key Oracle cloud services, namely Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Integration Cloud Services. By tapping into these resources, we empower your organizations to have complete oversight over your computing environments.


Application Managed Services
With our cloud application managed services, our team can improve the transition from on-premises systems to cloud-based solutions and support change management as your organization takes this important step.

Cloud Consulting Excellence

We offer a range of consultancy services in order to make sure you’re comfortable using your new cloud solutions. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Inspirage is in tune with all of the Oracle cloud solutions and can help you navigate the waters of next-generation Supply Chain Management and ERP applications.

Cloud Application Expertise
Our teams have training on a variety of cloud-based Fusion SCM applications, including Supply Chain Management, Customer Experience, Financials and Technology.

Cloud and Fusion Co-Development Partnership
As a Fusion Co-Development partner since 2012, Inspirage is helping to build the future of SCM and ERP tools. The goal is to continue to create value for our customers and streamline your cloud integration.

MarketResearchCTAMove ERP and SCM to the Cloud with Inspirage

Partnering with Inspirage to fully deploy your Oracle cloud solutions can be the first step to creating more scalability and flexibility within your supply chain. With our Rapid Value Implementation Methodology and access to a myriad of important Oracle resources, Inspirage is well-positioned to empower your organization to take charge of your cloud-based ERP solutions.

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