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iHub Cloud Services

Inspirage’s iHub Cloud Service (iHub CS®) solution is a unified platform for end-to-end data and application integration. This platform is designed to manage integrations across mixtures of on-prem and Cloud-based solutions, including big data, mobile and IoT devices without the hassles and complexities of traditional integration platforms.



Supported Application & Data Sources

Now in its fourth generation, iHub Cloud Service (iHub CS®) unites not only the traditional on-prem solutions but is available to support the latest Oracle ERP Cloud offerings. iHub CS® includes pre-built integration processes support key Cloud and on-prem ERP, supply chain management, PLM, and logistics applications.



iHub CS® leverages EDI, XML, SOA, JSON, and other communication protocols to connect with key Cloud and on-prem applications and data sources. This Cloud-ready solution features:

  • An intuitive dashboard (available on desktop and mobile devices) with embedded analytics that tracks status performance and data volume monitoring
  • Visual data mapping tool
  • Standardized pre-integration placeholders
  • IaaS-level security features


Key AdvantagesiHub Benefits

• Faster Implementations

• Reduced Risks

• Lower Costs

• Extensible Solution

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