Project and Portfolio Management with Oracle Primavera

PPMOverviewProjects and project management are the lifeblood of companies. By planning, executing and analyzing data from important projects, companies can secure clients and improve operations. However, sometimes, project management can be tricky. When so much of an organization rides on the successful execution of a few key strategies, it’s critical that every part of the process is undertaken with care.

How do you deliver challenging initiatives and simultaneously take advantage of emerging opportunities?

Project and Portfolio Management solutions from Inspirage have the breadth and depth you need to make sure your supply chain, inventory, logistics and warehouse management processes are as optimized as possible. The PPM practice specializes in the implementation, integration and support of Oracle Primavera solutions within project-intensive industries. Download our PPM datasheet to gain even more insight into our Project and Portfolio Management solutions.

By partnering with the Inspirage PPM practice, companies can more effectively plan, improve and execute projects, meeting deadlines and improving cost-effectiveness along the way.

Inspirage has experience within a wide range of industries. Those include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technology

We also have helped manage projects for such key organizations as the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.

Our experts have experience in each of these fields, so you know your project is in good hands with Inspirage. We will work with you to strengthen project delivery objectives; we provide business consultancy services to help you successfully integrate people, processes and tools; and our professionals can assist you in the implementation of your new Primavera project management software solution.

With the right plan in place and an effective follow-through, companies can orchestrate their projects with ease and peace of mind. With project and portfolio management solutions from Inspirage, the project plan can become a sheet of music so that the whole orchestra can play the right song together – giving your company the agility and expertise necessary to compete in a steadily evolving marketplace. Check out our solutions and services below, and then be sure to give us a call to schedule a consultation with our team of PPM experts.

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Six Steps to Success

Project and portfolio management is all about figuring out what needs to be done and how to do it within certain time and budgetary constraints. Although project lifecycles are unique to each industry, the concepts of time and money are king. No matter which industry you’re in, Inspirage has the subject matter expertise necessary to correctly match you with an Oracle Primavera solution and then get the maximum benefit from that Oracle product.

What does the PPM process at Inspirage look like? It’s a six-step plan that strives to help you better manage your projects, from inception to execution. The main advantages of this structured approach stem from focusing on specific business needs throughout each step. In this way, our clients can focus on business growth and staying competitive in their individual markets.

Projects at any stage and within any of our key industries can benefit from this six-step process. Companies undertaking projects need to know various things:

  • What kind of resources will the project require? (How much raw material? How much manpower? etc.)
  • How many and what people are needed to carry out these goals?
  • What is the budget for such a project?

All of these questions can be answered by aggregating and analyzing data to produce an optimal plan.

Our release-based implementation strategy closely mirrors the Project Management Institute’s approach and incorporates a powerful combination of project management and technological expertise. In addition, it employs a practical process modeled in Oracle Primavera P6.

  1. Primavera6stepReadiness Assessment
    During this step, we set expectations and confirm the support of top management. Here, it’s critical that everyone is on the same page and that organizational and cultural factors are taken into account before preparations are made. In this step, we also document risks and assumptions and begin to plan the implementation of our solutions. It’s critical to get permission from executives so that you have a specific budget amount to working with.
  2. Design
    Here, it’s essential to confirm high-level functionality and reporting requirements. What processes and procedures are necessary? How will the project be structured?
  3. Prototype and Test
    As the name implies, during this step our team helps you develop prototype plans and functional test scripts.
  4. Pilot
    Our project and portfolio management team then assists you in the creation and execution of a pilot program and all that entails, including preliminary installations and configurations of the PPM software.
  5. Rollout
    Installing a production server and database setup, inputting user workstation configurations and projecting data input and/or migration are all crucial parts of the rollout step.
  6. Assess Results
    Take a look over the results of the PPM implementation and see what can be undertaken to facilitate project improvements in the future. In this step, we also transition the management of the PPM software to your company’s IT department so that you can use these tools on your own.

Features and Benefits

Why should you partner with Inspirage’s PPM practice? Our solutions and expertise can help your company deliver on project goals and implement your specific project plans. With Inspirage, enterprise project management can be streamlined and integrated with supply chain resources, as well, which means that your company can present a unified front in terms of business goals. This helps you make the right decisions and, consequently, get your projects done on time and within budget.

Here’s why our services offer the competitive advantage necessary when undertaking complex projects:

Oracle Primavera Implementation Expertise

At Inspirage, we offer solutions that drive all phases of implementation, including requirements, installation, design, configuration, deployment, user training, integration, support and maintenance. Our comprehensive approach allows organizations to more fully leverage Oracle Primavera EPPM solutions. In order to achieve this goal, we use our extensive experience with Primavera deployments across entire enterprises.

Project Management Expertise

Enterprise project management doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking. Our PPM consultants are project portfolio management experts who have worked in the industry for years and who have been accountable for project delivery in their respective fields. In other words, they’ve been in your shoes, so they know how to help.

Target Industry Experience

Our experts have direct industry experience at leading firms in our target verticals, not to mention our knowledge of Primavera is enhanced by practical experience – we’ve faced these issues before in all their complexity, so we’re better positioned to understand the standards of our target clients.

Focused on Client Success and Direct Service

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, our primary responsibility is to ensure Oracle Primavera clients are able to maximize the benefit of the industry’s leading portfolio and project management solution. We want to support you – by working side by side with our clients, we can improve response times and get them the answers they need, when they need them.

Integration with Supply Chain Management and Other Products

One of the most important ways the Inspirage PPM practice can help companies plan and deliver projects in the most streamlined manner is by integrating Primavera solutions with the range of products and services within our Supply Chain Management practice. The PPM team and Primavera management software undertake the project execution and planning side, and then Inspirage integrates this information into the supply chain so that every facet of the business is on the same page. Additionally, other products can be combined with PPM and SCM tools, creating a complete suite of software solutions that fit your business needs. Be sure to call Inspirage today for more information about this cornerstone of our services.

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Enterprise-wide Visibility into Entire Portfolio

Our PPM services don’t stop at just the first project. If a company is running multiple projects, the Oracle Primavera software allows managers to see all of the projects in a certain portfolio and optimize them in relation to each other. In other words, you’ll be able to determine what resources you need in a specific time period, which product teams are undertaking certain projects. You can look at the bigger picture while at the same time drilling down into what each individual actor in these projects should be doing at any given time.

Products and Solutions

Inspirage’s range of solutions is designed specifically to help companies effectively manage the project delivery lifecycle. We help our clients leverage Oracle’s Primavera software solutions in order to facilitate project delivery and create better decision-making practices, as well as improve risk management across the board.

To this end, we offer a variety of products, deployments and services that fall under this umbrella of portfolio and project management. Our solutions encompass the following:

Oracle Primavera Deployments

We offer a wide range of Primavera project management applications. Click on each application in the table to learn more.

Project Delivery Services

It’s critical for us to understand your business needs. From there, we can help you determine your specific resource requirements and then develop an integrated work plan, then pair you with a qualified project consultant.

PPM Business Process Consulting

By aligning people, processes and tools, Inspirage develops unique project management solutions for all of our clients.

Integration of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Project/Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of partnering with Inspirage is that on top of our PPM expertise, we can integrate your supply chain with the PPM solutions in order to create greater value within your business.

Primavera and Project Management training, coaching and mentoring

We offer training so that project managers and their team members can meet organizational needs and become the facilitators of project management. Click on each training modules to learn more.


Putting the Pieces Together

Inspirage’s Project and Portfolio Management practice and solutions provide companies with the right support necessary for effective project planning and implementation. Oracle Primavera project management products can help you stay on track for time and budgetary goals – but simple use of the software can only get you so far. With Inspirage, your team can receive the proper training necessary to utilize these tools in the future, and we can help you integrate these solutions into your supply chain, as well. If your current projects need rejuvenating, don’t wait until things start falling apart.

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