Value Chain Planning

SCM Overview

Supply chain management is knowing when, where and how much of a product to create and distribute. The Inspirage Supply Chain Management (SCM) Practice specializes in Oracle Supply Chain Management applications, both on premise and in the Cloud. We have both depth and breadth of knowledge and the largest concentration of business process and application consulting expertise exclusively focused in this area.

This gives us a foundation of knowledge that we continue to build on as we partner with our clients to bring them real results.

At its heart, supply chain management encompasses anything your company does from the time a product is brainstormed until consumers hold it in their hands. You introduce a product, forecast how much demand there will be for it and therefore how many you need to manufacture, set up your supply chain network and then get the product from point A to point B. Warehousing, marketing and inventory management are all key parts of the intricate process.

For something that can be explained so simply, supply chain management requires a comprehensive strategy that can get quite complicated at times. Maintaining a healthy supply chain effectively boils down to how well managers can gather supply and demand information and then turn that data into actionable insights from which they can base their operations.


The Inspirage Advantage

The Inspirage SCM Practice specializes in Oracle Supply Chain Management – both on premise and in the Cloud – and the associated business processes. Our SCM practice picks up from our Product Lifecycle Management team with expertise in inventory management, supply chain planning and supply/demand analysis, among other critical aspects of your business including order management and procurement – we can help you deploy and optimize your Oracle solutions to transform your supply chain.

Working with our team of experts you can quickly achieve time-to-value with your

Embracing a Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Embracing a Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Oracle SCM investments and see the following results that impact the bottom line for your organization:

  • Optimize inventories
  • Increase profit margins 
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase throughput
  • Improve quality
  • And much more. 

What sets Inspirage apart? Our teams come to the table with extensive knowledge about the supply chain, no matter what industry you call home. We don’t bring in other companies to assess your data and give you results; instead, our own experts use their knowledge of the industry to provide support. In short, we know how to use your Oracle SCM solutions, but we also have specific knowledge from our many years of working in the very fields you operate in.

Supply Chain Management Areas of Expertise

One of the greatest advantages about partnering with Inspirage for your supply chain management needs is that while we can build your solutions from the ground up, we don’t necessarily have to start at the bottom. With our extensive industry experience, coupled with our deep understanding of the technology, we have the foundation necessary to help you transform your supply chain processes. 

Our functional expertise falls into 6 core areas:

  1. Strategic and Tactical Planning – Build a robust planning process that enables you to rapidly respond to market drivers, align your organization, and communicate demand signals effectively.
  2. Procurement – Automate procurement processes to reduce costs and drive compliance to optimize asset usage
  3. Manufacturing – Streamline your entire production cycle from research and development to cost and quality mgmt. using comprehensive manufacturing solutions.
  4. Fulfillment – Economically capture and process the perfect order, manage inventory and allocation and communicate the right demand signal to your supply chain.
  5. Spares, Service & Reverse Logistics – Consider the whole process in reverse to build a comprehensive supply chain which cost effectively manages your assets and service levels
  6. Project & Portfolio Management – Align people, projects, processes and resources through effective project and portfolio management. 

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All of our services are geared toward helping your company use data to improve operations. These solutions can be tailored to any business’s needs. Using our years of industry-focused expertise, we can help you understand exactly the supply chain issues that you need to surmount and how to handle them in order to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Applications and Services

The global supply chain is becoming more complex. Everything was simpler in years past, when companies could create, build and ship their products all from a single supply chain. This simplified model is no longer the reality. Businesses can’t afford to let any part of their supply chain — from product design to delivery — hold them back from outpacing the competition or staying ahead of what customers demand.  It’s no longer enough to have a well functioning logistics organization, supply chain or product design process. To achieve real agility and enable innovation, product-focused companies need all these things working together in a truly integrated supply chain so supply chain managers can keep up with changing global marketplaces.


One of the key advantages of partnering with Inspirage for your supply chain management needs is that we do all of our consulting and implementation work ourselves. This means we won’t be bringing in outside subcontractors to help you develop and use your SCM tools. When you choose Inspirage, you choose more than a consultant. You hire an experienced global team capable of in-depth collaboration. Our employees have an average of a decade’s worth of experience, mostly working with Oracle applications.

Our deep supply chain experience enables Inspirage leaders to build relationships with Oracle and stay ahead of changes in industry and customer needs. In addition, because Inspirage invests in finding and keeping the best talent in the field, we offer our customers the accountability, knowledge and lower risk that comes with experience. We truly are a one-stop shop when it comes to making sure you maintain an optimized inventory and create the right kind of value within your supply chain, taking the data you collect and using it to distill best practices for your specific business.

Cloud SCM Applications

Inspirage has been a Cloud Co-Development partner for SCM applications since 2012 and we have over 100 seasoned supply chain consultants trained and certified on R11, R12 and R13 versions of the next generation of Oracle supply chain applications, including:

Cloud Applications
Planning Central Cloud
Manufacturing Cloud
Procurement Cloud
Order Management Cloud

On-Premise SCM Applications

Inspirage offers consulting and implementation services for several Oracle SCM solutions both on premise and in the Cloud. These include:

On-Premise Applications
Advanced Planning Command Center
Predictive Trade Planning & Optimization
Demand Management
Real-Time S&OP
Deduction & Settlement Management
Advanced Forecasting & Demand Modeling
Strategic Network Optimization
Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Demand Signal Repository
Inventory Optimization
Service Parts Planning
Production Scheduling
Global Order Promising
Collaborative Planning
Manufacturing Operations Center
Rapid Planning

Featured Solutions

We have hundreds of supply chain management solutions that have been tailored to specific needs when a client comes to us for help. Our pre-built solutions all leverage Oracle Supply Chain Planning applications to help clients jumpstart their projects, reduce risks and improve time to value. You want to get the most out of your Oracle VCP software investments, and Inspirage can do just that.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Our industry experts can use these tools as a foundation from which to build your own personal solution – so if you don’t see something here, don’t hesitate to ask.

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These are just a few of the solutions you have to choose from:

  1. MPSWorkbenchProduction Scheduling
    Master Production Scheduling Workbench – Manufacturing Operations groups often struggle with the sheer volume of parts they have to plan and produce. Master schedulers are expected to identify critical resources impacting on-time delivery and quickly evaluate schedule impacts using resource loads. While these tasks are often being performed at a SKU level, high-level evaluations of the organizational capabilities must also be considered. Master Schedulers need system support to perform quick feasibility checks of multiple scheduling options. With our Master Production Workbench tool, operations groups can manage high volumes of parts they need to produce. The most important part of any supply chain operation is being able to deliver parts on time with the given resources, but there are a lot of steps that go into that process. With the workbench tool, you can plan out your master schedule so that your resources are all accounted for. Download our MPS Workbench datasheet to learn more about this solution.
  2. Inspirage-Multi-Channel-PlanningMulti-Channel Planning
    Our Multi-Channel CPFR with Sell-In / Sell-Through solution helps today’s “Omni-channel” companies simultaneously manage value-added resellers, traditional distributors, original equipment manufacturers, retailers and direct-to-consumer sales channels. At its core, our solution enables data exchange and data analysis between manufacturers, contract manufacturers, distributors and retailers. It flexibly supports any defined collaboration process via a system of predefined workflows, process definitions, data feeds, and exceptions. This solution is the tool, that when successfully implemented, will support the alignment of people, process and data to transform our clients’ demand-sensing, shaping and supply fulfillment capabilities to the levels required to succeed in this challenging era of the digitally-enabled consumer. Inspirage’s Multi-Channel Planning Solution also provides a variety of pre-packaged reports designed to analyze supply and demand across trading partners. Read our Multi-Channel Planning datasheet for additional information.

These are just a few of the solutions we offer. 

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Our familiarity with Oracle SCM applications – and our years of industry-focused expertise – can work to your advantage. Supply chain challenges don’t have to be insurmountable, and projects don’t have to fail. Partner with Inspirage to design and implement solutions that work to deliver your project on time and on budget. Get in touch with our experts for more information about how our Oracle SCM solutions can make a difference in your supply chain. 

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