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The Product Lifecycle Management process has evolved over time, increasing in organizational use and breadth, and companies that are managing lifecycles effectively can use this as a key competitive advantage. Many years ago, PLM technology basically consisted of CAD drawings and schematics, followed by more complex documentation, workflows, BOMs and reporting tools. Today, product designers need a solution that not only manages the design, but also takes into account quality, materials and declarations, while effectively collaborating and planning with other stakeholders (both internally and externally) and ensuring that product plans don’t get into the hands of competitors. This is no easy task.

How do you accelerate innovation and get products to market more quickly? How do you design with your extended supply chain in mind in order to achieve realistic cost and quality goals? How do you manage projects accurately in order to get items from source to consumer within established time frames? How do you respond to ever-changing compliance requirements mandated by regulators around the globe?

We can help you determine the answers to these questions and more, along with planning out your portfolio and making sure your data is of high quality. Getting your products from the factory floor to the customer is only one part of the equation. Our product lifecycle management consulting practice can help with all the other steps.

The Inspirage Advantage

At Inspirage, we don’t just offer you the technology and send you on your way. We house industry-leading experts that can give you the advice you need for your business’s operations. We bring to bear the deepest expertise on an array of Oracle products – we know how to use them, and we know how to get the best value out of the data you glean from your supply chain.

We are truly a one-stop shop for all of your product lifecycle management needs. Whether you already have a PLM solution in place or need to determine which solution to invest in, our experts can help.

All of our services are geared toward helping your company use data to improve operations, and in this case, the lifecycle of your products. Our Oracle solutions can be tailored to any business’s needs. Using our years of industry-focused expertise, we can help you understand exactly how to move from ideation to project delivery without compromising quality.

Product Lifecycle Management Areas of Expertise

When it comes to making sure your products go from ideation to delivery, we are the experts to get your tools integrated with your supply chain and get the most value out of your Oracle solutions. The Inspirage team has a cumulative 440 years of product lifecycle management experience. Our superior knowledge base has led us to succeed in more than 90 projects with companies based around the world. It’s clear that we have the bandwidth to help you succeed in your projects.

Our Product Lifecycle Management consulting practice operates within five maine areas as a partner for its customers: New Product Development, Product Lifecycle Management, Cost, Quality & Compliance, Product Portfolio & Project Management and Product Master Data Management.

  1. New Product Development
    We can help organizations drive faster return on investment from product innovation and development investment through the collaborative identification of ideas and opportunities and the disciplined management of portfolio and concept investment decisions with new Oracle Innovation Management Cloud. Our Rapid Value methodology for Oracle Cloud Innovation Management helps our clients quickly deploy this new capability, which can be integrated with existing enterprise applications to continually drive profitability through innovation.
  2. Product Lifecycle Management
    Oracle Agile PLM solutions offer comprehensive ways to optimize the product development process – these technologies support design, development, launch, servicing and disposal of items within the product lifecycle. Proper management of all of these steps requires high-quality data and analytics, and Agile PLM and Product Information solutions are key here.
  3. Cost, Quality & Compliance
    When it’s time to change the flow of your supply chain or optimize product development, it can be challenging to make sure your business remains compliant with constantly evolving industry regulations. We have developed a variety of industry-specific solutions that address these challenges, such as our Unique Device Identifier solution to help Med Device companies comply with FDA registration and traceability mandate, or our Conflict Minerals solution to help high tech and other manufacturers comply with Dodd-Frank reporting requirements and many more.
  4. Product Portfolio and Project Management
    Your pipeline of new products, product line extensions and other product change management needs to be aligned to your business objectives, and organizational realities. The ability to manage this product portfolio, with the right prioritization and the right resource mix, is key to delivering innovation and change, and meeting customer objectives. Many clients have leveraged significant value from standardizing and designing templates that drive repeatability and predictability into how they design and deliver product, with phases and gating events that both speed innovation and enhance visibility.
  5. Product Master Data Management
    The focus of our MDM practice is to help your organization realize the true value of your supply chain data. By drilling down into your data at the product level and determining the best way to manage your information, we can help you mitigate data risks and, as a result, become more efficient. Further, product commercialization is significantly enhanced with the appropriate data taxonomies and governance, across the enterprise and organization.

Our Solutions

Our solutions and IP drive application optimization in four key areas – Process, Integration, Performance and Reporting. By taking a broader view of the solution, we are able to ensure the success of the project.



Processes Integration Performance Reporting
Domain expertise

Industry solutions

Productivity Solutions


Data Validation

Process Validations

Process Integrations

ERP (bi-directional)

Electrical and Mechanical CAD

Content Providers

Industry Sources & Submissions

Other Enterprise Applications

Architecture Planning

Health Checks

Scalability & Failover Assessments

Proactive Monitoring

Core PLM Reporting

Dashboards & Key Metrics


Mart & Analytics

Reporting (SDK)


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Application Expertise

iHub for IM datasheetMany members of our “core” PLM team having origins with the original Agile PLM Consulting practice, many dating back prior to 2000. We offer a strategic balance of expertise and experience, spanning many industries and PLM modules, use cases and project work streams. Our end-to-end project capabilities include deep knowledge of particular applications as well as robust integration capabilities with other Oracle and non-Oracle ERP applications. Learn more about our integration capabilities by downloading out iHub for Innovation Management datasheet.



Product Lifecycle Management Applications

With our deep ties with Oracle Product Strategy, Development and Support teams we’re able to help ensure future releases of products are addressing our clients needs, quickly resolve service issues and even gain insight into new products and features coming down the pipe that would benefit our customer, such as the newest Innovation Management Cloud solutions.

We’re Here to Help

Managing product lifecycles and making sure projects are delivered on time and to the right people requires a bit of finesse. The Product Lifecycle Management practice at Inspirage strives to provide both support for the integration of Oracle PLM tools and consulting where necessary in the areas of lifecycle and enterprise data management.

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