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Supply chain organizations are under pressure to evolve business trends such as omni-channel fulfillment, integrated logistics and dynamic sourcing, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Cloud-based applications can help ensure that your business is ready for today and into the future through scalability, flexibility and cost savings. Warehouse management systems are critical applications in the manufacturing and retail industries that support the movement and management of inventory within the system of facilities.

Inspirage has deep expertise in both the on-premise and Cloud WMS offerings from Oracle. The recently-acquired Oracle WMS Cloud (formerly LogFire WMS), provides the functionality that today’s marketplace demands. We were one of the first firms to partner with LogFire in 2015, and today have one of the largest teams of Cloud WMS practitioners in the world.

In order to asses the current state of your WMS applications, you have to ask yourself if your current application has the capability to scale and support the future needs of your business. Inspirage can help you get started.


Reduce Complexity and Increase Speed & Visibility with WMS in the Cloud

Inspirage recently hosted a webinar with IDC and Oracle that covered how you can build a comprehensive logistics solution including Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), Global Trade Management and Oracle Warehouse Management System (formerly LogFire) – all in the Cloud. You can view this recording on-demand and learn how to assess if your current application has the capability to scale and support the future needs of your business. By looking outside the box to Cloud-based applications that are shaking up the WMS application landscape, you can utilize scalable, flexible, and cost-effective options for those willing to modernize and evolve.

Watch our webinar on demand to learn more!

Improving business processes on the warehouse floor WMS Solution Datasheet

Many organizations today are tasked with meeting ever-growing customer service objectives while continuing to reduce costs. The key to top performance lies in solutions that improve business processes, driving efficiency and accuracy, while supporting enhanced data visibility. Inspirage offers a Comprehensive WMS Solution to our customers. Unlike most enterprise application solutions that are software focused, our warehouse management solutions are unique, requiring three areas of expertise:

  • Business process leading practices
  • Oracle WMS software (on-premise or Cloud)
  • Supporting technologies such as material handling equipment, mobile data collection, enterprise labeling and wireless LAN

  Download WMS Solution Datasheet

Trust your supply chain to the integrated supply chain specialists. Inspirage and Zebra partner to provide comprehensive warehousing solutions across your enterprise.