Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Our Logistics Management practice is home to some of the most seasoned Oracle Transportation Management and Global Trade Management consultants in the world. We have the largest concentration of former G-Log consultants outside of Oracle, which means we have the expertise necessary to take your organization to the next level.

In a recent customer survey, 100 percent of our Logistics Management customers said they achieved their business goals when working with our team. Across the board, we have helped our clients streamline their logistics management processes and better serve their own customers, thanks to our incredible knowledge base and expert team.

Our global Oracle Value Chain Execution team consists of 62 members, and between us we have:

  • 433 years of OTM experience
  • 41 years of GTM experience
  • Numerous former members of the Oracle research and development department

What does this mean? In short, at Inspirage, we are experts in every sense of the word. This better positions us to really understand your issues and be able to provide you with the best possible solution, as our 373 previous VCE projects can demonstrate.

We offer the following services and alternative support models to help strengthen customers’ logistics network optimization strategies:

  • Rapid ValueValue Assessment
    Our experts can help you better identify benefits and benchmark savings. What is the value of your current project? How can you save money while still maintaining quality?
  • Health Check
    We can review your production configurations to ensure you’re getting what you paid for and that all of your projects are on the right track.
  • Application Managed Services
    This is a program for helping to sustain long-term stability and success. We can help you tackle change management and make sure you’re getting the best ROI possible out of your projects
  • Rapid Value
    This program includes configurable and pre-packaged solutions intended to be leveraged on both cloud and non-cloud projects. The goal of the rapid value is to reduce timelines and cost of any project.

All of our services are geared toward helping your company improve the utilization of data to streamline logistics management and do better business. Our Logistics Management Solutions serve three main purposes: Transportation Management, Global Trade Management and Warehouse Management. Each segment comes with its own specific services that can be tailored to any business’s needs. Let’s take a look at the services available:

Transportation Management

Our Transportation Management Solutions strive to help organizations manage long-range transportation requirements based on current demand and supply chains. In addition, we can help you meet requirements for internal distribution based on current inventory planning.

As an Oracle platinum partner, Inspirage can help you leverage Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) solutions, which offer transportation planning and execution capabilities. Everything you could want from a transportation management application – including planning, execution, freight payment and business process automation – can be found in our solutions suite.

With all of these capabilities, we can help organizations reduce costs and keep up with changing requirements throughout their supply chains. What’s more, all of our solutions are scalable, so that as the scope of your project shifts and grows, we can grow with you.


OTMCloudOur transportation management solutions enable customers to quickly realize benefits to meet their ROI criteria. Our Rapid Start: OTM in the Cloud solution takes the on-going administrative and post go-live support burden away from the customers’ IT resources and shifts the responsibilities to the OTM experts at Inspirage and Oracle. Customers implementing OTM reduce their freight costs from 5% to 20%+ depending on their current logistics processes and the OTM functionality implemented. With hard savings that can be immediately realized, customers can typically achieve their ROI requirements in 1 to 2 years. Inspirage’s Rapid Value program consists of a library of pre-developed templates and accelerators which are based on experience gained from over 300 projects. This expertise and our investment in the Rapid Value accelerators allows us to implement OTM with high quality and a quick time to benefit. Inspirage’s Rapid Value Program is now being leveraged globally. Download our Rapid Start: OTM in the Cloud datasheet learn more.


SLM-SolutionIn addition, our Service Lifecycle Management solution encompasses a broad set of integrated enterprise business processes that cross enterprise organizations and product lifecycle phases. Using our SLM solution for Logistics Management you can forecast and manage reverse logistics and repair from the field to the depot. The Inspirage Logistics Management practice is home to some of the top experts of Oracle Logistic Management systems and processes. We can help you to provide your planners and technicians with the near real-time visibility of all material without regard to location or condition. To learn more about Service Lifecycle Management, download our Service Lifecycle Management datasheet.


Transportation Management Applications

Our solutions can be applied in both on-premises environments and in the cloud. The advantage of the cloud is that anyone with the proper permissions can access these solutions. This allows companies to have further oversight over the furthest reaches of their supply chains and maintain data accuracy across the board. As a platinum Oracle partner, Inspirage has access to the best transportation management solutions in the world.

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Global Trade Management

Our Global Trade Management solutions present organizations with the ability to optimize and streamline their supply chains when it comes to cross-border trade. Oracle GTM allows companies to synchronize their legal, regulatory and compliance trade data.

With our natively integrated GTM solutions, companies have more power to mitigate financial risk associated with trade compliance, increase the amount of working capital you’re actively using and reduce costs associated with electronic filing.


Our GTM solutions give companies the visibility they need into their operations. We provide trade documentation reports that allow our clients to jump-start projects and improve the value chain.

Global Trade Management Applications

We are the leader in implementing Oracle Global Trade Management Applications. With these tools, organizations can be more flexible and can get projects done with less risk and complexity. Oracle Value Chain Execution applications provide organizations with the tools they need to plan out their supply chains and minimize risk. Our applications include:

Warehouse Management

Our Warehouse Management solutions can help you simplify your projects by placing your supply chain in our capable hands. Our years of Value Chain Expertise work for you to determine the best solution for your warehouse management issues.



Many organizations today are tasked with meeting ever-growing customer service objectives while continuing to reduce costs. The key to top performance lies in solutions that improve business processes, driving efficiency and accuracy, while supporting enhanced data visibility. Our Warehouse Management solution serves to improve business processes and help our clients become more efficient and accurate. Inspirage delivers all of the components needed to drive your business processes on the warehouse floor. Inspirage provides consulting, deployment and implementation services using best-of-breed technologies from Oracle and our partners. Comprehensive WMS and MSCA solutions from Inspirage simplify your project and reduce risks by having a single, experienced partner with complete accountability for the entire solution. You can trust that Inspirage will put years of Supply Chain expertise to work for you to deliver an effective, efficient solution. For more information, download our Warehouse Management datasheet.

DS_ComprehensiveLogistics0815-1Cloud-based tools include the LogFire warehouse management system. The LogFire WMS is a unique offering that comes integrated with Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, creating a completely cloud-based supply chain execution convergence solution. This allows organizations to orchestrate their processes and align data with business goals – driving better supply chains in the long run. With this WMS, clients can have a more accurate assessment of their inventories, store service-level agreements and maintain 100 percent fulfillment rates. For more information, download our Comprehensive Logistics datasheet.

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Warehouse Management Applications

We are the leader in implementing Oracle Warehouse Management Applications. Our deep expertise helps your warehouse produce accurate, visible data; effective and efficient warehouse processes; and logistics operations that deliver Project ROI.

Our applications include:




Warehouse Management Applications
Label Printing
Data Collection
Parcel Manifesting


We offer both functional training and technical training for our logistics management solutions suite, depending on your specific business needs. Here, you’ll find more information about our functional and technical training modules.

Functional training – These instructor-led courses include hands-on exercises in which you utilize OTM and GTM to achieve a specific result. The programs are also supported by a variety of videos and cover various topics.

Technical training – These training materials are self-guided and intended primarily for developers. Each course consists of a sequence of videos that allow devs to delve into various technical activities.

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Whether your company needs expertise in Transportation Management, Global Trade Management or Warehouse Management, Inspirage’s team of experts boasts years of experience with all of these solutions. We can help you determine the best course of action when it comes to streamlining your logistics processes and creating more value within your supply chain.

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