Inspiring Value Chain Advantage®

The secret to crushing the competition? It could be in your value chain.

In the face of heighted customer expectations and increased competition, many of today’s companies are falling behind due to in part to a failing value chain—a company’s nervous system. How can you reboot your value chain and stay ahead of your competition?

Inspirage can help. Since 2007, Inspirage experts have relied on Oracle Value Chain Execution Applications to help companies across the globe increase profitability by using the technology to reduce logistics operating costs and cycle times while improving customer service. We call this, “Inspiring Value Chain Advantage®.” It is at the core of all we do. In fact, the name Inspirage is a combination of the words Inspiring and Advantage.

But first, what is a value chain?

The term value chain was coined by Michael Porter in his 1985 best-seller, Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance (cite). He encouraged others to consider value chains as decision support tools that help businesses gain competitive advantage. In Porter’s value chains, Inbound Logistics, Operations, Outbound Logistics, Marketing and Sales, and Service are categorized asprimary activities. Secondary activities include Procurement, Human Resource management, Technological Development and Infrastructure.

Where Inspirage comes in

In most cases, companies that are having hiccups with their value chains can trace it back to business process gaps and synchronization challenges, less than stellar collaboration, a lack of adequate training, poor technology deployment, and a focus on function instead of quality. In addition, some companies are using an outdated value chain to meet today’s evolving demands. Sound familiar?

Inspirage has the right tools and people in place to help companies overcome these challenges. Our reputation for inspiring value chain advantage is why some of the world’s most influential companies choose to partner with Inspirage on implementing their operations systems from Oracle ERP to Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and more.

The difference is clear

An updated and efficient value chain will help organizations optimize business processes, reduce costs, and enable a modern user experience. Once Inspirage has updated a company’s value chain, they notice enhancements across all functional areas, including increased operational efficiency.

Today’s businesses need to be stronger, better, and faster or risk falling behind. By outsourcing their value chain design, businesses can build more quickly, sell across multiple channels, react instantly to changing demands, and cut costs.

Whether you have a domestic oriented business or a global operation spanning multiple countries, Inspirage has the expertise and global reach to support your needs. Inspirage has the quality solutions designed to help transform a company’s supply chain into a world class value chain.