Building an Integrated Supply Chain: The Convergence of PLM and SCM

PLMSCMWebinarWe recent hosted a webinar with thought leaders from Inspirage and IDC Manufacturing Insights to show how you can achieve real agility and enable innovation, by integrating your PLM and SCM systems and process. To build a truly integrated supply chain, you need your systems working together, along with the business processes, data architecture and accompanying analytics to gain critical insights across the entire supply chain to make good decisions.

Products in all industries, discrete and process manufacturing alike, have typically been conceived, designed, and developed separately from the supply chain. Although long an informed party in the innovation process, the supply chains’ active role has been largely limited to providing the materials and/or parts required to make the product; not to provide the demand signals that enable manufacturers to better meet customer’s needs, and certainly not to be a design and innovation partner.

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