Building a Resilient and Elastic Supply Chain with Inspirage’s Enterprise Control Tower

With several major supply chain disruptions over the last two decades – COVID-19, Brexit, the Great Recession, to name a few – it is not a question of “if” another event is going to happen, but rather “when” and “how frequently.” Many companies have instituted sales and operations planning/IBP processes, but there is no standardized course of action to proactively anticipate and manage supply chain risks. While one cannot predict the next catastrophic event, we can certainly plan for various scenarios and develop a risk mitigation playbook to be better prepared. With Inspirage’s Enterprise Control Tower, you can gain visibility across the entire supply chain, measure product/supplier risk, conduct what-if scenarios, utilize financial reconciliation and modeling, and develop a phased approach to your suit your business needs.

Join us for a demonstration where we will share how companies use this supply chain hub which provides enterprise visibility, decision-making, and execution based on near real-time analytics to help improve business performance. Don’t be left scrambling during the next supply chain disruption. Be prepared to proactively manage your supply chain risk during planned and unplanned changes.

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