Align Finance and Operations with Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX)

Recent major disruptions caused by the pandemic, geopolitical unrest and climate events prove how critical it is for companies to detect and adapt quickly to changing business conditions. Global enterprises often lack a single line of sight to their end-to-end business plan and are therefore unable to execute business decisions and changes in real-time. That’s where Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX) solution comes into play. With IBPX all planning information is consolidated into a single hub allowing for the alignment of Finance and Operations.

Watch this webinar on-demand to discover how IBPX gives you the capability to predict performance gaps, detect unforeseen improvement opportunities and perform risk management and modeling for product introduction, strategic initiatives and M&A projects. We will delve into supply chain visibility, products/supplier risk management, and financial reconciliation as we share customer case studies and insights from the CFO, COO and IT Departments from selected customers.

Don’t miss this on-demand webinar if you want to get started aligning and optimizing your business operations. Furthermore, learn how you can supercharge your IBPX Oracle Cloud solution with Inspirage’s Control Tower to accelerate implementation speed, increase user acceptance and help your business establish an IBPX foundation in 60 days or less.

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